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A Brazilian company with over 20 years in the market of IT & Telecom solutions.

About 3CORP

3CORP Technology is a Brazilian company that has been in the market for 20 years and is dedicated to delivering the best and most advanced IT & Telecom Infrastructure solutions. 3CORP acts as Value Added Partner of Huawei Enterprise, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Premium Business Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner for Communications, Enghouse Partner, Hikvision and Vocale Solutions.

The company has a diverse range of clients in the financial, government, industry, hotel, hospital and services segments and has a team of highly qualified professionals in commercial, technical and development areas to create, provide, implement and support according to our clients’ needs.

With a national presence, 3CORP is headquartered in Alphaville, Santana de Parnaíba, SP, home to our Logistics, Distribution Center, Technical Laboratory, Network Operations Center (NOC) and General Administration. The company also has a branch in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro.

Carbon Neutrality Program (CO2) 3CORP
A3CORP is aware of the urgency of actions to preserve the planet, such as reducing the study effect and carbon neutrality until the mid-21st century.
And among other guidelines implemented, we highlight the 3CORP Carbon Neutrality Program, which aims to offset emissions made in one sector of the company by reducing them in another, as follows:
- Use of clean and renewable energy, with our own photovoltaic system in our facilities;
- Effective use of natural resources;
- Awareness and awareness campaigns for employees, with a 100% reduction in the use of disposable packaging, installations with smart taps;
-Own restaurant, avoiding displacement of employees, reducing fuel emissions;
- Efficient cooling system;
- Dissemination of the culture of using Unified Communications (UC), providing efficient remote communication systems for all customers and market, avoiding travel by car, plane, and contributing to corporate communication in companies and government;

About 3CORP


Discover and understand customer needs by providing bold and affordable solutions. Always evolve and learn, in order to create value and overcome the challenges of the future.


To transform the communication of our clients through the constant search for new solutions, innovations, investments in excellence and development of competitive and innovative advantages.



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Companies that believe in 3CORP

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Our executives are committed to guiding the Company, teaching employees and adding value to our relationship with our clients and business partners.
<strong>Giuseppe</strong> <br>Forestiero

Economist and specialist in Marketing & Business by FGV. He started his career at Nec do Brasil as a Business trainee.


<strong>Rodrigo</strong> <br>Cavalcante

Technologist in Systems Development and graduated in Systems Analysis. Before 3CORP, he worked for NCOM and COM Systems.


Sales Director
<strong>Lourinaldo</strong> <br>Silva

Electronic Engineer, MBA in Marketing. He started his career at Telesp and worked for Elebra and Alcatel-Lucent.


Sales VP
<strong>Gilberto</strong> <br>Zacaro Jr.

Business Administrator and Technologist in Electronics and Telecom. He began his career at Nec do Brasil in the projects area.

Zacaro Jr.

Chief Sales Officer (CSO)
<strong>Marcos</strong> <br>Silva

Electrical Engineer from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering (FEI). He started his career at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, where he spent 20 years going through the Pre-Sales, Omnichannel and Cloud areas.


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


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