Lan Networks - Switches

Lan Networks - Switches

Development and implementation of LAN Projects - Local Area Networks, or Local Networks, to interconnect computers in companies, universities, schools and government agencies. We offer devices with high processing power, security functionality and QoS policy, easy implementation and high scalability. For a wide range of application and network sizes, from cloud data centers to campus networks


Huawei CloudEngine S5735-L Series Switches

Huawei CloudEngine S5735-L is a series of simplified gigabit access switches that provide 12 to 48 flexible all-GE downlink ports and four fixed GE or 10 GE uplink ports. The CloudEngine S5735-L series switches are designed for scenarios such as enterprise campus network and gigabit access to the desktop. Built on the next generation of high-performance hardware and powered by Huawei’s Versatile Routing Platform (VRP), CloudEngine S5735-L switches feature flexible Ethernet networking, rich security control and support for multiple Layer 3 routing protocols - delivering greater performance and more powerful service processing capabilities for networks.

Huawei CloudEngine S5732-H Series Switches and Hybrid Optical-Electrical Switch

The CloudEngine S5732-H Series Hybrid Optical-Electrical Switch CloudEngine is a new generation 10 GE access switch, with 24 optical and 24 electrical downlink ports, plus four 25 GE uplink ports and two 40 GE or 100 GE uplink ports , with an extended slot. Based on Huawei’s unified Versatile Routing Platform (VRP), the CloudEngine S5732-H has a range of Intent Oriented Network (IDN) capabilities, including an integrated wireless Access Controller (AC) that can manage up to 1024 Points Wireless Access Access (APs) and a free mobility feature that provide a consistent, high-quality user experience.

Huawei Multi-GE CloudEngine S5732-H Series Switches

The next generation CloudEngine S5732-H Series Multi-GE switches offer either 24 or 48 downlink ports - up to 10 GE - along with four 25 GE uplink ports and two 40 GE or two 100 GE uplink ports. With this feature set, CloudEngine S5732-H is designed to connect to Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) APs in Wi-Fi 6 era.

OmniSwitch series Alcatel Lucent Enterprise

The Alcatel Lucent Enterprise switch line keeps your office, campus and data center networks connected. OmniSwitch 6350: configuration GigE stackable LAN switches for your small business. OmniSwitch 6360: Easily installed, flexible and secure switches ideal for workstation, access point, IP telephony and IoT deployments. OmniSwitch 6450 : An easy-to-manage solution for highly available, secure and green campus networks running many devices. OmniSwitch 6560 : with multi-gigabit ports for high-speed IEEE 802.11 ac devices, 10GigE uplinks and 20 gigaE gige stacking. OmniSwitch 6860 : Designed for the most demanding converged networks, with high-density unified access with Smart Analytics in a compact form factor. OmniSwitch 6900 This top-of-rack lan and data center switch is compact and high-density, with 10 gigabit Ethernet (GigE) and 40 GigE options.



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