IT infrastructure

High-performance components that help improve your company´s IT performance

A company with a properly functioning IT infrastructure offers, among other benefits, speed and assertiveness in decision making. Through our solutions, we help our customers understand the components that best suit their needs.


Modernize your infrastructure

Hire the service that adds value and meets the needs of your company.

Simplify your business IT

Integrate computing and storage into a single platform.

Accelerate your innovation


Higher TCO of all infrastructure investment

With the best result for company performance delivery.

We offer results

• Reduced energy consumption.

• Maximize performance of data storage capacity.

• Reduced storage costs, risks and complexities.

• Simplified complex IT infrastructures.


Resources that make up the IT infrastructure solution:


3CORP works with a wide variety of servers and high performance components for data centers that reduce power consumption.


3CORP provides small, medium and large data storage equipment that provides converged functionality to maximize utilization capacity performance.


3CORP works with a backup device that helps you protect your business data quickly while reducing storage costs, risks and complexities.


A system that enables storage, computing, networking, and virtualization to be managed with the same hardware, thus transforming the company´s complex IT infrastructures into more streamlined operations.



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Other Solutions

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