Network Security - Firewall

Network Security - Firewall

We offer reliable and manageable defense systems Our solutions are prepared to serve companies of all sizes, universities, government agencies and data centers. With artificial intelligence (AI)-based networking equipment, comprehensively integrated network security, and business-oriented security policies that help mitigate network security risks as customers go digital.


Huawei HiSecEngine Series USG12000 AI Firewalls

Combinando arquitetura de hardware avançada com uma ampla gama de tecnologias de ponta - de conservação de energia a mecanismos de confiabilidade e recursos de segurança - HiSecEngine USG12000 oferece defesa altamente precisa em tempo real contra ameaças conhecidas e desconhecidas na borda da rede para grandes centros de dados e redes de campus .

Série Huawei HisecEngine USG6600E

The next-generation Huawei HiSecEngine USG6600E series firewalls are designed for medium and large businesses, institutions and next-generation data centers. USG6600E firewalls provide NGFW capabilities and collaborate with other security appliances to proactively defend against network threats, improve border detection capabilities, and resolve performance degradation issues. They provide encryption/decryption/decryption services processing acceleration capabilities, which greatly improve the performance of firewalls, security detection, and IPSec services.

Huawei HisecEngine USG6500E Series

The Huawei HiSecEngine USG6500E Series Next-Generation Firewalls are enterprise-class firewalls designed for small and medium businesses and chain organizations. In addition to the core capabilities of the NGFW, the HiSecEngine USG6500E series can interwork with other security devices to proactively defend against network threats, enhance border detection capabilities, effectively defend against advanced threats, and resolve performance deterioration issues. The product provides pattern matching and accelerated processing of encryption/decryption services, which significantly improves the security detection performance of IPSec processing and services content.



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