Corporate Routers

Roteadores Corporativos

Routers for large corporate networks: high capacity, reliability, energy efficiency and ease of maintenance: accelerating companies’ digital transformation.


Huawei NetEngine 8000 Series Routers

Huawei NetEngine 8000 series routers provide an intelligent platform in all scenarios designed for the cloud era. Using ultra-broadband lines to build simplified networks and running key SR and SRv6 protocols to establish intelligent connections, the NetEngine 8000 series works with Huawei’s next-generation Network Cloud Engine (NCE) to automate the entire lifecycle management and evolve to proactive O&M. Available in a variety of formats (including large chassis, card-equipped compact box and fixed box, among others) and applicable to core, aggregation and access networks, the NetEngine 8000 features high performance, high reliability, low power consumption and features full of evolution. Its applications include functioning as a head node for a corporate WAN, as an access node in a large corporate network, as a DCI node, or as an exit to a campus network or IDC.

Huawei NE5000E Cluster Router

The NE5000E series are high-performance, high-capacity routers developed by Huawei to provide carrier-scale reliability. Based on the advanced Versatile Routing Platform (VRP), the NE5000Es provide advanced switching capabilities, high port density and high reliability. NE5000Es can function as super core nodes in IP backbone networks, core nodes in metro networks, outputs in large-scale IDCs, and core nodes in large enterprise networks.

Next Generation Huawei NetEngine AR6000 Router - SDWAN

With an innovative CPU + NP heterogeneous forwarding architecture, NetEngine AR6000 series routers deliver performance far beyond the industry average. Meanwhile, critical functions - including SD-WAN, cloud management, routing, switching, VPN, security, voice and MPLS - are integrated to fully support diverse, cloud-based services. Compared to similar products, NetEngine AR6000 has the following advantages: High performance: SD-WAN forwarding higher than industry average Optimal experience: Faster file transfer and better audio and video experience, ensuring full support of diversified and based services in the cloud Simple O&M: Web-based, SD-WAN compliant network management that simplifies network deployment and reduces OPEX.



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