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Vogel, one of the 5 best-connected operators in Brazil, chose 3CORP and Huawei Enterprise to develop their network project. Among the problems presented by the company was the diversity of manufacturers to provide the solution, which created many maintenance difficulties. Based on this, the project developed at Vogel includes 2 product lines: the DWDM and MPLS platform.

DWDM technology aims to optimize the use of the fiber optic network at 30 Vogel sites in the Southern region, as well as unifying the network platform. Currently, Vogel still has other manufacturers, but with the completion of the project, the network infrastructure will be 95% Huawei.

The MultiProtocol Label Switching (MPLS) or advanced routing network will allow the flow of information / data between company networks. This latest technology includes Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre. “These are two product lines that communicate,” explains Filipe Silva, 3CORP's account manager and one of the collaborators involved in the project.

For Ricardo Madureira, CEO of Vogel Telecom, the choice for Huawei and, consequently, 3CORP contributed to the company becoming a strategic partner in the growth of the main players in Brazil. "The partnership has come to add, considering factors such as technology, quality, scalability paramount to real execution, as well as the possibility of future expansion to the other phases already planned," he says.

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