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Edjane de Andrade Oliveira, 18, started working at 3CORP as a apprentice. Before winning her contract, she received the news of its effectiveness. In an interview with the company's internal newspaper, she says she came to São Paulo with her mother at the age of four and arrived at 3CORP through CEPAC.

1. Why did you decide to join CEPAC?

CEPAC is a host institution that has three projects: sowing the future (for children from 6 to 12 years old); professional and apprentice. In the vocational, they refer you to companies for interviews and, as they pass, they refer you to the apprentice project. I had my first 16-year foreign trade contract. The contract was administrative. When I left, I was unemployed for 5 months and this opportunity came up (at 3CORP).

CEPAC is an institution that prepares you both to enter the job market and to develop both personally and professionally.

2. Did you get encouragement from someone in the family?

My sister did CEPAC. She worked at the same company I worked for and I thought it was cool, I said: Ah ... I want to have my first opportunity in the new job market and they are very good companies. Then, I joined, I spent 6 months in the vocational and they started forwarding me to the interviews and, in my third interview, I managed to pass. It was my first job. And then it comes to 3CORP.

My sister think she was my big influence. I saw her developing very fast because whether she wants to or not, it is maturing for you to be in a corporate environment, to be with people you know and to learn along the way ... it is very good and I saw that she was very happy. Then I said: I also want to work, to be able to help at home too. I always wanted to be able to help my mother, to buy my things.

3. Why did you decide to try the underage apprentice position here at 3CORP?

Because I am a very open person for opportunities. When they said it was in the IT area, I was a little scared because it wasn't an area I really wanted, but I said: Oh I'll try! I am in the mood to learn new things. We have to be open to new opportunities. Then I accepted and I also accepted to learn from each person here who was willing to teach and this is wonderful.

4. What was it like to be an apprentice at 3CORP?

At first it was very difficult because it is a very different area from what I was used to. I learned new things that I thought I couldn't learn. And I tried, I went after knowledge, I set out to learn, to grow together with each one here.

5. You were recently hired at the company, what did you feel when you received this news?

I was very happy because there was no other apprentice who was hired. It was an achievement right. In fact, it was my goal for this year. If I could get a minor apprentice job. I was going to try to fight, to try to develop and grow so that I could be effective in the company next year, go to college and specialize in the field.

6. How does your work here at 3CORP work? What exactly are your assignments?

Currently, I am still in level 1 customer service. I also have reimbursements from our field technicians, I got a SP queue, release of expenses and the organizational part of documents (filing documents arriving from calls.

7. What is your next step towards studies?

Next year, I'm already taking college entrance exams so I can go to college. I want to do management processes and then go to another foreign trade college, which is an area I really enjoyed. Well, I also intend to take a technical course because I still have to learn a lot.

8. Would you have any tips to give to the other students who are here as a 'apprentice'?

You be resilient. You also have to have a lot of willpower, to learn, to be here. Wake up and talk: I will go there, I will learn, I will develop, I will grow. Because here is a lot of opportunity, they give a lot of opportunity to those who really want it.

9. What is your biggest dream?

It is to be able to achieve all my goals.

In the professional area, being in an area that I really enjoy, that I wake up every morning and, not only come to work, let it be an environment that I enjoy, a very good environment for me; go to college; do an exchange because I think English is very important. It is.

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