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Given the enormous transformation undergone by all kinds of communications due to digital transformation, the contact centers went from watertight departments within a company to become the heart of all communications. Not only with new customers and Millennials, but with employees and other stakeholders.

However, many companies miss out on the great opportunity this entails. They are still using outdated contact center solutions, or do not value all of their features. They do not rely on the customer experience from start to finish. And there are missing ways to connect the client's journey in an Omnichannel way, while they use any channel, anytime, on any device.

These companies need to change their perspective on the contact center. Consider it as a growth engine and fail to measure quantitative indicators. Measure the quality of service, customer satisfaction and other qualitative indicators that are converted into value for the company as long as they know how to align the contact center with the business strategy in a transversal way.

Innovation in the contact center: connecting the client's journey in the digital channels

Customers today are digital natives. They require customer service on social networks and chat channels at any time of the day. They prefer to do it through self-service instead of talking to a contact center agent. In addition, they only manage requirements. Offer feedback, complaints and complaints. Each interaction is a "contact" within the entire customer engagement process.

The main function of the contact center is to be the client's travel connector. It also enables companies to extract key data from all interactions with users helping them better understand their users, delivering a better experience, and increasing satisfaction. But also the loyalty and possibilities of up-selling and cross-selling, providing them tailored personalized responses to their behaviors.

Flexible customer experience: Omnichannel software

In addition to connecting the customer's journey, the contact center must evolve from managing independent service channels to becoming a growth engine. It is essential to consider a unique cross-client experience across the enterprise.

Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that you do not suffer interruptions. The customer experience is not limited to customer service. It is a trip that covers all corporate areas.



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