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3CORP Technology announces Marcos Antônio Silva Filho, 42, as the Company's new CTO. The executive, graduated in electrical engineering from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering (FEI), built his career at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, where he started as an intern in the Pre-Sales area. Recently, he held the position of Head of Cloud Solutions Latinamerica.


During his career at the French-American manufacturer, Marcos Silva was the national pre-sales manager for telephony and networking solutions, he took over the management of Genesys' solution engineers - in the Omnichannel vertical - which, at the time, underwent a merger with Alcatel-Lucent and, in the last 10 years, the executive marked his career responding for Unified Communications solutions for Latin America and, later, leading Cloud Solutions.


“Regardless of the achievements related to growth within Alcatel, the most important thing was the experience, knowledge and networking achieved in different countries”, says Marcos adding: “the important thing now is my current achievement of assuming a strategic position in the board of 3CORP” , reports Marcos who will lead the Engineering, Omnichannel, Pre-Sales and Development team.


According to Marcos Silva, 3CORP is already known as an innovator. So, your first challenge is to understand the virtues and problems of the Company and contribute so that it remains innovative and becomes more profitable every day. The executive says that he does not intend to revolutionize, but to help the company's progress by seeking new alliances, orienting the portfolio of products and services to the new needs of the digital world, establishing a greater synergy between the areas of technology and business to conquer more profitable projects creating future cross-selling and up-selling opportunities on the customer base.


Speaking of his expectations, he jokes: “my life will not be easy going forward. The whole start of a new journey is quite difficult. I hope that, soon, we will be able to jointly define new processes to help the integration of different areas, having the technology area as an innovation engine in the evolution of our product and service portfolio ”, he concludes.


Cristiane Leal - Marketing and Communication

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