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Enghouse Interactive, a specialist supplier of technological solutions, has given a new impetus to omnichannel management in the contact center. The company is launching a new version of its multi-channel solution titled Presence Suite V 11, aimed at improving the customer experience by delivering more effective and productive services.

This new release brings to the market important features that enhance the agent's experience, thanks to facilities cooperating with contact center supervisors through immediate assistance, and with in-house chat sessions and easy access to intrusion and chatting features.

A differential aspect of this new release is the targeted management of outbound services based on attention profiles. This makes it possible to assign concrete agents within a single service to manage specific clients, thus increasing their productivity and effectiveness.

Version 11 enhances the customer experience with the new Omnichannel interaction viewer. This allows you to associate each multichannel customer journey with a unified history, which enables the agent to offer a better service experience.

This new version of Presence Suite presents a substantial change in the arguments displayed by the agent, who guides its management with the client, thanks to the layout of several columns, becoming faster and more effective when presenting and capturing information.

Version 11 deepens the company's commitment to optimize its OpenGate architecture, minimizing requirements by reducing TCO and increasing the number of agents supported in a single instance of the Presence Suite. In addition, it continues the changes implemented in the OpenGate kernel in version 10.3 and improvements introduced in the storage and configuration of the CDR system.

For Francisco Segovia, CTO of Enghouse Interactive - Presence continues to improve services, one of the traditional strengths of the Presence Suite, as is the chaos of outbound services: "It is a great challenge because we start from a very high and renowned standard in the market. Thanks to the innovations we have incorporated into the suite, our customers have advanced capabilities to make their services more productive and efficient for the customer."

Alfredo Gonzalez, Product Director of Enghouse Interactive-Presence believes that being part of Enghouse Interactive is an opportunity to improve the product using the knowledge and other technological innovations developed by other R&D teams around the world: "The new version 11 of the Presence Suite benefits from these synergies and technological complementarity, offering a highly competitive, efficient and ideal solution to meet the needs of any contact center.

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