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The Anuário, which appeared in 1988 and has since been published annually, is produced by Fórum Editorial and is already in its 30th publication. The ranking is the result of an analysis of the last three economic-financial performances of companies operating in the Brazilian telecommunications market, including fixed-line and mobile telephone operators, according to their net revenue. The data sent by the companies are analyzed by the team that produces the Anuário, under the supervision of teachers of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation of São Paulo.

For the president of 3CORP, Giuseppe Forestiero, this position is very relevant for the company. "3CORP operates throughout the country and always excels in cutting-edge products with a high level of performance that are up to date with the trends in the technology market," reiterates the president, explaining that the company has well-positioned partners in technological terms and that this is a big differential for our company.  

According to the president, 3CORP has plans for growth throughout Brazil. Between 2017/2018, the company grew by around 20%. The expectation is that this percentage will double between the years 2018/2019.


About 3CORP

3CORP Technology is a Brazilian company that has been in the market for over 16 years and is dedicated to delivering the best and most advanced IT & Telecom Infrastructure solutions. 3CORP acts as Value Added Partner of Huawei Enterprise, Alcatel-Lucent Premium Business Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner for Communications, Enghouse partner and Vocale Solutions.

The company has a diverse range of clients in the financial, government, industry, hotel, hospital and services segments and has a team of highly qualified professionals in commercial, technical and development areas to create, provide, implement and support according to our clients’ needs.

With a national presence, 3CORP is headquartered in Alphaville, Barueri, SP, home to our Logistics, Distribution Center, Technical Laboratory, Network Operations Center (NOC) and General Administration. The company also has a branch in Brasilia.

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