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3CORP Technology was the company responsible for the implementation of the entire communication technology in the Tamoios Highway (SP-99). The Highway, which connects the cities of São José dos Campos and Caraguatatuba, is considered the first in Brazil with Wi-Fi coverage in all its extension, adding up to 74 km. In early February, Governor Geraldo Alckmin inaugurated the technology, when part of the project was completed.

According to Naldo Silva, CEO of 3CORP, the experience has been totally new to both 3CORP and Huawei. "Adapting the Wi-Fi solution to the Highway is complex, because it has to adapt to the physical environment of the highway: curves, rises, descents, mountain range, etc. The main challenge of this project was to configure the solution to obey the demography of the highway and face rain and sun during the installation on 80 km,” he says. The project was completed in March and is being accepted by the client.

Approximately 40 people were most directly involved in the project: 5 3CORP employees, 30 third-party employees in the installation processes and 3 Huawei professionals. In addition to the entire deployment, 3CORP will still have a team available to provide technical support for the solution. To this end, NOC and field collaborators will receive training for this purpose.

The Tamoios project goes further. In addition to the installation of Wi-Fi network antennas, 3CORP, through Vocale Solutions, has also developed an application with information and traffic tips, bulletins on road conditions, news and music programming. "Tamoios Highway users will be able to access Wi-Fi at up to 80 km/h for SOS emergency services and Web radio," says Naldo.

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