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A recent survey conducted and published by Deloitte in partnership with Exame magazine found that 3CORP is among the 100 fastest growing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Brazil. “Our strategy for maintaining success in our results has been to look for new technology segments and explore areas that were not previously addressed by the company,” says company CEO Giuseppe Forestiero. According to Ronaldo Fragoso, leader of Deloitte Brasil's Private Companies Program, the constant pursuit of innovation, efficiency and talent has been and will continue to be the cornerstone of the success of fast-growing SMEs.

This research, recognized by the market, is already in its 14th edition and the theme chosen for this year was Investments and Innovation to meet the challenges. According to Deloitte, for the composition of the companies with the highest growth ranking, the following criteria were considered: 1) to have net revenues between R $ 10 million and R $ 800 million in 2018; 2) not linked to a commercial group with consolidated net revenue of R $ 2 billion or more in 2018, regardless of the origin of its capital; 3) be in operational phase in Brazil for more than four years; 4) do not belong to the audit, cooperative, insurance, asset management, financial, investment or credit banking, public, mixed, holding and non-governmental non-profit segments, as they have different characteristics of revenue generation and valuation, which prevents comparison with other companies; 5) Correctly follow the information collection and validation steps described in the regulation available on the Deloitte website.

By 2019, 3CORP is already working on several important projects and some with some differential in relation to the Company's portfolio. For example: Core IP Networks for ISPs and DWDM Networks. The year is being very interesting for the company. According to Forestiero, 3CORP should grow above 30% and with a very good outlook on the evolution of the various technology scenarios.

At the same time, the company is also working on new projects for 2020 related to the Heath Care, infrastructure areas, especially the highways, ports and airports, where Brazil needs a lot of investment. “We believe that with some of the initiatives that the federal government has taken (pension reform, tax reform) should unlock several infrastructure projects in this segment and we will be ready to meet this demand. I can talk very optimistically about 2019, ”he says.
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