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So far, 3CORP has installed over 1,300 Wi-Fi points representing 800km of highway. The first project involved the 74km long Tamoios highway connecting the cities of São José dos Campos and Caraguatatuba. Tamoios was considered the first in Brazil to implement Wi-Fi network to its full extent. But if the contractual obligation is considered, the Entrevias highway is the first in the country in this condition.

The latter is also the responsibility of 3CORP and its project is divided into two sections totaling 576Km: South and North. Entrevias project includes 1,200 poles with protection system against atmospheric discharges (SPDA), 100% roaming coverage, solar energy systems containing 30/60 /90W consumption system and 72h autonomy battery, and telemetry system, charge monitoring, battery life and anti-vandalism sensors.

The telemetry module has as its main activity the monitoring of the solar energy system, the equipment's power supply and security monitoring such as temperature and door opening. It was 3CORP that developed the software that will provide for the customer the access to all this information in real time.

In the opinion of André Storti, Entrevias project manager, the challenge was great. “The project was held from the beginning. In addition to installing the pole and fiber infrastructure, all energy was solar. Each site had its own solar power system. ”

The southern section that covers the Paraná-Borborema border on SP-333 is already finalized. Now we are moving forward with the implementation of the northern section that comes from Viradouro, passes through Ribeirão Preto and goes to Igarapava in Minas Gerais.

In terms of difficulty, according to Storti, the northern section has a particularity, since the customer's fiber is over 30 years old. Therefore, for the operation of equipment will need to repair the entire network first.

An average of 25 people are involved in the project, which is expected to be completed by mid-September.


Cristiane Leal - Marketing e Comunicação 3CORP

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