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Founded in 1966 by Pierre Bellon in Marseille, Sodexo is a global leader in services that improve the quality of life, a key factor for the performance of individuals and organizations. Present in 80 countries, Sodexo serves 100 million consumers every day. Through more than 100 types of services, Sodexo provides customers with an integrated offer developed in more than 50 years of experience: food, reception, maintenance and cleaning services, to equipment and facilities management; from benefit cards and programs that promote employee engagement through solutions that simplify and improve your expense and mobility management to residential care, day care and concierge services

What was the client’s problem?

Sodexo had an old technology facility and was looking for a technical evolution in its telephony, LAN and WLAN infrastructure. The goal was to implement a single-manufacturer solution for standardization and management for the headquarter and the regional branches in Brazil.

What was the solution presented?

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, through its communications portfolio, presented a highly reliable, converged solution in voice, data and applications and rich in functionalities in order to achieve the objectives pursued by Sodexo, maintaining all the company´s telephony communication without additional costs.

The project was implemented in the OmniPCX Enterprise Centralized High Availability Matrix (allocated to a Third Party DC) and in the 11 branch offices a local OmniPCX Enterprise Passive Communication Server survival feature was implemented. This topology allows the Sodexo project to operate continuously and without any stops during the entire year.

The project was implemented in the headquarter and 11 branches in Brazil


Results achieved

Technological improvements with the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solution, more active standardization and management of the solution for Sodexo’s operation. Today, the customer is able to have control and monitor the telecom infrastructure in the headquarter and its subsidiaries with 3CORP’s NOC 24x7 support.


Stand outs among the results obtained by the client with this solution include:
Reduction of the company´s TCO and long-distance telephone costs

Centralization of telephony resources in Via Varejo Data Centers in São Caetano do Sul

Standardization of the telephony solution, management and 24x7 monitoring of the operation

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