Case Rodovia Tamoios

Rodovia Tamoios

Rodovia dos Tamoios (SP-99) is a highway in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Connects São José dos Campos, on the plateau, and Caraguatatuba, on the plain. It is the main link between the plateau and the northern coast of the state of São Paulo. In 2015 it started to be managed by the Tamoios Concessionaire, of the Queiroz Galvão group.

What was the client’s problem?

The highway needed to offer Wi-Fi coverage to its users so that the communication between the drivers and the dealership could be made, both to find out about traffic information and to ask for SOS - Socorro in case of needs.

What was the solution presented?

Project consisting of 612 Access Points (2.4 / 5 GHz); APP with: Radio; • Communication via VoIP with CCO; • Road cameras; • Alerts; • Ability to monetize through advertising and Internet services.

Results achieved

Among the results obtained by the client with this solution, the following stand out: • First highway in Brazil to have WI-FI system, • Much easier with the Creation of the App for users, besides offering the possibility of monetization for the concessionaire with advertisements in the application; • Monitoring the highway with high-tech Ip cameras; • 100% coverage via roaming (without disconnection during the 80km);


Stand outs among the results obtained by the client with this solution include:
Security for users.



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