Case Previdência Social

Previdência Social

The National Institute of Social Security (INSS) is a public organization providing social security services for Brazilian society that guarantees citizens protection through the recognition of rights, with the aim of promoting social welfare.

What was the client’s problem?

The 1,500 Social Security agencies, in addition to the INSS 150 executive managements, did not present interconnected communication. In this way, the inter-agency connection was considered to be interurban, in the case of different locations, and carried out by telephone operators, which resulted in reduced service agility and a high telephony cost.

What was the solution presented?

A unified communication structure was presented. Today, the 38,000 users speak from extension to extension as if they were a single management. Alarms, incidents is all managed by 3CORP.

With this solution, in addition to making it possible to conduct conferences, when connecting between different locations, the company pays the cost of a local connection.

Topology developed by 3CORP and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise for the 1,500 Social Security agencies.

Previdência Social

Results achieved

The solution presented allowed a 40% reduction in the cost of connections, agility in communication and greater ease in the use of technology. This ends up avoiding all kinds of inconveniences in the customers communication failure.


Stand outs among the results obtained by the client with this solution include:
Reduction of 40% in the cost of calls

Communication speed

Greater ease of technology use

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