Case NWI Telecom

NWI Telecom

Founded in 1995, NWI specializes in providing integrated solutions in the Telecom, IT and Intelligent Monitoring segments with headquarters in Brasília-DF and Goiânia.

What was the client’s problem?

NWI needed space for Colocation, Host and Cloud, thus serving retail, major operators and other segments in Brasilia. According to Marcos Chaves, president of NWI, the Federal District has a very high demand and the market has several service providers, which host their data in data centers outside the state, which ends up causing network latency problems.

What was the solution presented?

The latest generation solution deployed was from Huawei and designed from the beginning to be safe and reliable, and has level III certification by the Uptime Institute classification. In addition to having a modular design, it includes 42Us cabinets, power supply and distribution, cooling, cabling, management and other subsystems all redundant. This allows support for flexible deployment through single or double rows and confinement in electronically controlled cold or hot aisles.

Results achieved

Among the results obtained by the client with this solution, the following stand out: NWI is now prepared for the entry of 5G, and is able to lease spaces for operators to host their systems and equipment, one of the main objectives of the company, in addition to serving retail and other segments. The data center will be customized for the client company and stands out for its high energy efficiency, when compared to a traditional data center. The equipment room can be monitored anytime and anywhere using a mobile application, which helps to ensure stable operation of the device. Huawei’s solution, in addition to providing this energy efficiency, gives control over the operation, since everything is done with the same supplier, different from other data centers.


Stand outs among the results obtained by the client with this solution include:
New services for customers

Energy efficiency

More stable operation and control

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