Case Banco do Brasil

Banco do Brasil

Banco do Brasil (BB) is a Brazilian bank, constituted as a mixed capital company, with the Federal Government of Brazil holding 50% of the shares. It is one of the five state-owned banks of the Brazilian government and has 5,429 branches, being present in most municipalities in the country, with a structure of more than 109,191 employees and is present in more than 21 countries besides Brazil.

What was the client’s problem?

Banco do Brasil needed to renew its park of switches, which had been in use for many years, and were without warranty and support, characterizing them as obsolete and discontinued, considering that network assets undergo a natural depreciation process.

What was the solution presented?

The project presented by 3CORP included 4,950 Switch units with 24 10/100/1000 Base-T PoE Ethernet ports and 4 Huawei Gigabit SFP ports, 3,950 (four thousand) Switch units with 48 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet ports PoE and 4 Huawei Gigabit SFP ports and 1,000 (one thousand) 1000Base-SX Transceiver units. In addition to products, installation services and "trade-in" installation of obsolete equipment owned by the bank. 3CORP celebrates the achievement of this project, as in addition to strengthening the company’s positioning with public bodies, the Banco do Brasil project will be a great challenge, as it will renew the entire park with state-of-the-art switches, and offer aggregate services, meeting the capillarity of all branches across the country will significantly contribute to the digital transformation that the bank has been carrying out, making it more competitive and fulfilling its optimization mission, with safer, newer, more robust equipment and less susceptible to attacks and invasions .

Results achieved

Renewal of the park with state-of-the-art switches, making the bank more competitive and fulfilling its optimization mission, with safer, newer, more robust equipment that is less susceptible to attacks and invasions.


Stand outs among the results obtained by the client with this solution include:
Network modernization

Service improvement

More agility, flexibility and security

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